Male Fitness Programs

If you are a man who wants to lose those extra pounds you might have gained during college, from drinking or by poor nutritional habits, Xcellerated Speed Training can help.  We combine speed and agility training, strength training and nutritional conditioning to help you meet your fitness goals regardless of your budget.  For personal attention with proven results, call Xcellerated Speed Training at 610-334-4120 or

Which Male Body Type Are You?


This body type is characterized by little body fat and little muscle. Ectomorphs or “hard-gainers as they are sometime called, have a hard time gaining weight and can only do so by consuming massive amounts of calories.Ectomorphs are typically cross-county runners or male fashion models.


Mesomorphs gain muscle mass easily.  While not considered to be easy-gainers, they can build muscle faster than Ectomorphs.  Mesomorphs are typically athletes with good posture.


This body type typically has a lot of body fat, lots of muscle and gains weight very easily. Endomorphs have a much tougher time losing  fat than the other two body types.  Endomorphs benefit most from a personalized nutrition plan and a dedicated workout regimen.

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