Nutrition is the single most important aspect of training whether for weight loss or gain, speed and agility training, general well-being or the rehabilitation of an injury.

Maintaining good nutrition is also the single hardest thing for an individual to do because they are tempted by so many inferior nutritional sources and inundated by marketing hype and television advertising from supplement companies.

Everyone is looking for a quick fix rather than a lifestyle change that will teach them how to eat properly and still have those cheat meals. There is no “perfect” diet or “magic pill” that will do all of the work for you. The “perfect” nutrition plan is one that includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If there is a failure to balance these aspects optimum results will not be achieved.

If an individual does not consume the proper nutrients prior to a certain activity there will be no glycogen stored to perform that activity at peak potential. The goal of your nutritional protocol should be to maximize energy response while consuming the proper nutrients to achieve your desired results.

Xcellerated Speed Training offers the following two plans to help you learn more about nutrition and how it affects your performance:

Basic Nutritional Consultation

The Basic Nutritional Consultation teaches the athlete about nutrition basics – including protein, fats and carbohydrates and the benefits of consuming each one. The athlete will also learn about caloric intake and how it affects performance. A discussion about protein/carbohydrate ratios and their importance to the success of any training program is included. The consultation takes 45 minutes.

Personalized Nutrition Program

The Personalized Nutrition Program is a detailed, easy-to-follow meal plan for the athlete to follow. Xcellerated Speed Training will indentify the athlete’s caloric intake as well as protein/carbohydrate ratios. Examples of items that should be consumed together and the quantity of each one per time slot are identified. Additional information consists of substitutions and break-downs of low, medium and high glycemic carbohydrates, proteins, fats, beverages and condiments. The Personalized Nutrition Program is segmented into two half hour sessions.

Please Call for Nutritional Consultation Pricing….610 334-4120.

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