Corporate Wellness

“The cost associated with incorporating a health and wellness program into your company’s structure is minimal compared to the benefits of stress reduction, improved morale, reduced absenteeism, a lower turnover rate and health care cost containment.”

Our Corporate Wellness Services are designed to make your workplace healthier and to give your company a single resource for all of your occupational health needs.

Our Corporate Wellness Services can help reduce health-related costs by changing the pattern of modifiable lifestyle and behavioral choices of individuals in a high-risk group.

We provide customers with the most innovative fitness training systems and customized nutrition programs in order to maximize the results of the program.

THE GOAL of Corporate Wellness is to improve the health and productivity of a particular working population or group.



We are your one-stop-shop for creating and implementing a Corporate Wellness Program into your workplace.



  1. We will help determine if your current space is adequate to hold a Corporate Wellness Program.
  2. If yes, we will design your space and make recommendations regarding equipment purchases.
  3. If no, we will determine and design a new space for your business, manage the building process, then make recommendations regarding equipment purchases.

Often, businesses have ample space for a Corporate Wellness Program and simply don’t realize it. We are able to evaluate your space and help you visualize it working to meet your goals. We provide facility design and layout, equipment recommendations and purchasing.

The Corporate Wellness offerings include:

  • Lunch & Learn – We develop programs that fit into your staff’s schedule w/o compromising productivity.
  • E-newsletters – We write and deliver to lists of your specifications relevant health and fitness correspondence(s). Content tbd.
  • BMI assessment – Measures blood pressure and body fat %. The ability to measure results is imperative. Therefore, we offer BMI assessments at the onset of training and at regular intervals during training.
  • Group classes – These classes not only build better employees through health and fitness, but often build morale and group connectivity.
  • On-site training- This is how we make our program effective for your business. We bring it to your site.
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